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Multi-Cloud Strategy Rollout


Cloud-native architectures are becoming increasingly common, especially in the world of SaaS products like Abstracta. While the advent of cloud has enabled many SaaS products to come to the fore and solve customer challenges, it has presented them with a new challenge in the process. Which cloud should we go for? As product owners, it is very important to feel the pulse of our customers (or potential customers) and instill confidence in them about our product. One way to do this is to support a cloud provider that the customer is already familiar with.

Abstracta Provisioning Strategy

This is where Abstracta's multi-cloud strategy rollout takes prominence. With this strategy, customers can choose from a list of three major cloud providers when they purchase an Abstracta subscription.

  1. Google Cloud Platform

  2. Amazon Web Services

  3. Microsoft Azure

Cloud providers have a presence in various geographical regions across the globe. it is important for SaaS products to stay geographically close to the customer. Abstracta allows its customers to choose from a variety of regions offered by the cloud providers.

Abstracta provisioning process is fully automated. Once the customer makes a cloud selection followed by a geographical region, the customer chooses the appropriate plan that suits their liking, makes the payment. On successful payment, a bot initiates the provisioning process that runs within the parameters chosen by the customer. The process typically takes anywhere between 30-60 min to complete. Abstracta provides its customers the capability to monitor the provisioning process from "Abstracta Central".

What's more? All Abstracta customers get an exclusive sub-domain reserved for them - this comes with DNS mapping and SSL certificates for HTTPS connectivity. The customers also get static IP addresses reserved for outbound connectivity from Abstracta to their database.


Abstracta realizes the need for a smooth provisioning strategy in order to give the customer a seamless onboarding experience. In that regard, the automated multi-cloud provisioning rollout is a very significant milestone in Abstracta's roadmap.

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1 Comment

Mahesh Mamilla
Mahesh Mamilla
Aug 21, 2021

Cloud provisioning is definitely a milestone and automation of the 3 clouds provision is really a great achievement.

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