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Data Security with Shift Left approach

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Data security in APIs with the "Shift Left" approach!

Data security in APIs is the most spoken during requirement, design, development, and post-production activities. Most of the time the data security is managed after the post-production activity using API gateways. How do we ensure that data security is followed with the "Shift Left" approach?

Here is the 5-tiered security architecture to ensure data is secure:

  1. User profile-based security: Controlled data access at ROW and FIELD levels based on the user profile and enforce dynamic data masking at various levels to protect data visibility.

  2. RBAC: Controlled API access in totality.

  3. Payload Encryption: RSA Key pair based encryption ensures that only the receiver with the private key can decrypt the data

  4. Secure Transfer: Leverage HTTPS to secure the data during network transfer

  5. Metadata Encryption: Leverage complex encryption techniques like AES 256+salt-based security.

Implementing 5-tiered security takes time and effort. It is super simplified with simple configurations without any code for all the APIs generated using the Abstracta™ platform. Contact us today.

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