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Data mirroring between ServiceNow and Relational database

Updated: May 27, 2022

Data analysis is the norm for any organization to be successful. Successful Organizations make data-driven decisions. Several data points are considered to derive valuable data insights. The number of data integrations drastically increased with a large number of a wide variety of data sources.

It is inevitable for organizations to focus on consolidating their data in form of data lakes and data warehouses. The evolution of No-code applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce has created data hubs that drive the business. Such applications are used as primary applications for business users and executives. The transactional and analytical data resides on transactional databases such as Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, Snowflake, PostgresDB, IBM DB2, and many other databases. It is necessary to correlate the cloud application data with transactional data sources to come up with useful insights.

In this blog, we focus on data mirroring from ServiceNow to Microsft SqlServer or any other data source.

There are various approaches to extracting the data from ServiceNow. ServiceNow provides APIs that allow data extraction as well publishing data. Due to increased tools and applications, it is not fair for engineers to know every part of the application. This is where platforms like Abstracta™ come in handy to simplify the data mirroring from ServiceNow to any other data source that is supported by Abstracta™.

Here is the list of use cases that should be supported for a perfect data mirroring:

  • Initial Load: A full load of the initial set of data

  • Incremental Load: Detect the changes every time data gets pulled

  • Detect the Modified records: Detect the changes and push the changes to the receiver

  • Detect the deleted records: Detect the deleted records and push the changes to the receiver

  • Filter Data: Get only necessary data based on various conditions

  • Transform data: Create new calculated fields, Extract certain parts of data from existing attributes, and so on

This can be done manually by writing many custom scripts. This brings a challenge to code maintenance and development efforts. Such efforts go waste as the business focus on end results gets diverted to solving other problems such as code quality and code control issues.

Abstracta™ solves this problem by giving more time for engineers to focus on results and Abstracta take over all the burden of the heavy lifting process. Moreover, this is a no-code platform. It means any engineer can do the data mirroring like a data magician.

With Abstracta™, reduce the data mirroring tasks from months to days! We promise that you would do it much faster than you imagine. Get started with us! Moreover, the playground version is completely free and you can start it in seconds!

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