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Data abstraction is simplified with Abstracta™.

Generate Instant APIs 
< 60 seconds.

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Empower business to protect & monitor data access patterns. 

Let data governance initiatives leap with our innovative flagship product Abstracta™.


Protect business from internal & external security threats.

Improve Time to market by 10X faster with 75% productivity gain.

Leverage Abstracta™ No Code Development architecture.  For complex solutions design, customizations are allowed.

Cloud Solution with Zero Footprint

Data abstraction on any data source at your fingertips without any need for deployment. Everything is managed in the cloud with no presence at the data source.

Unified Data Source Management

Abstracta helps in unifying all data sources. It simplifies and streamlines

interaction with data sources.

Data as a Service

Restify data as a service with our proprietary Service Builder feature.

Empower business users to perform on-the-fly data analysis with self-service capabilities.

Data Security Acceleration

Accelerate data security initiatives much faster than you would have imagined. Our innovative Profiling tags simplifies data authorization.


Fortify data with row & column-level access control policies.

Data Subscriptions

Get data delivered to target endpoints at your own schedule & frequency with our data subscriptions.

Automated Documentation

Auto-generate all data services documentation in the form of Swagger stubs! No more manual efforts!!

Unprecedented Simplicity. Impeccable Reliability.

Impenetrable Security.

Ekahaa believes in scale with simplicity for 10X growth. With its fluid UI design, any data can be exposed as a service in 2 minutes.

Our performance benchmark tests reveal that Abstracta doesn't add any overhead.

Abstracta™ does not store customer data and securely maintains metadata using industry-standard AES 128 bit with the 16-bit salt algorithm.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Data connectors


Available on 3 major clouds

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Data Governance Initiatives?

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We are a fully remote organization. Irrespective of our client presence, we provide 24x7 support.

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