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How to modernize legacy applications?

Digitization is the new mantra in the tech world. Every organization is moving towards digitization at a super faster pace like never before. Organizations are spending billions of dollars to revise their legacy applications to modernize to reach the digitization pace.

Here are few insights on how organizations are modernizing their legacy applications:

  • Infra shift

This is one of the most common approaches followed by organizations to get immediate gains. Infrastructure providers like AWS provide migration solutions to move on-prem to cloud. The infrastructure shift gives the following quick advantages:

  • Scale on demand

  • Go Global at the rapid pace

  • Managed services by Cloud providers

  • Out of box solutions

This approach is the first step towards cloud strategy to enable applications to take advantage of rapid applications/solutions provided by the cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, and so on

  • Techstack shift

This is a bit of a time-taken process that needs technical decisions, a bit of implementation, and a release cycle to upgrade the tech stack.

  • Rewrite

This is the approach followed when neither infra shirt nor tech stack shift couldn't help. This is more like recreating the entire application with a complete code rewrite that includes tech shift as well.

This approach could lead to effort wastage if not properly planned. For legacy applications , most of the critical knowledge lacks documentation and it retains with the people. It needs commitment and hefty budget to make this work.

  • Abstract Layer

This is another smart approach followed as an intermediatary step for quick wins and get sufficient time in the market to plan for any other strategy. In this approach solutions like Abstracta™ is leveraged to open up the services on the legacy data sources. Here are few usecases:

  • Expose SOAP methods as REST API services

  • Create REST API services on OLTP data sources like MySQL, Postgres, SQLServer and so on.

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